Annual Report 2015: Facilitating regional cooperation

Koshi Basin Information System Shares Data Across Borders

A  vast amount of data about the Koshi River Basin is now at your fingertips, even in the field from a mobile phone. It has long been a challenge for users working on transboundary issues to find reliable data that doesn’t stop at borders, which is why ICIMOD’s Koshi River Basin Programme has long had a goal of creating a knowledge base that collects data generated by the programme and its partners across the region, which includes parts of China, India, and Nepal.

The Koshi Basin Information System (KBIS), which has received over 200 unique visits a month since its launch in 2014, was joined in the summer of 2015 by an app that allows users to access the platform from their mobile phones. The system brings together up-to-date information on climate change and variability, water and agriculture, socioeconomic dynamics, and disaster-related concerns through satellite maps, vector imaging, tables and graphics.