Annual Report 2015: Knowledge generation and use

Nepal’s Digital Agriculture Atlas Launched 

Decision makers and researchers who need information on agriculture can now find data at their fingertips using the Digital Agriculture Atlas of Nepal, an easy-to-access one-stop source on cereals, cash crops, legumes, vegetables, fruits, and livestock across the country.

Drawn from over 30 years of crop statistics, the Atlas is a tool that enables users to visualize information clearly and quickly through customizable maps, diagrams, and tables. For example, users looking for comparative information on milk production can learn that Jhapa has over 48,000 milk cows, while highaltitude Dolpa has less than 2,000. It’s the sort of information that once would have been time-consuming to gather from different departments, but has now been collected and made accessible to users anywhere in the world.

Developed by ICIMOD with the Ministry of Agricultural Development (MOAD) under the SERVIR-Himalaya Initiative, the online application launched in August will assist with agricultural and food security analysis and planning and will make data produced by the ministry and other relevant agencies widely available.