Regional Cryosphere Knowledge Hub

ICIMOD, being an intergovernmental organization with a regional mandate, aims to link regional institutions that are conducting cryosphere-related research into a single platform through which a common approach and data sharing can be promoted, in order to improve the understanding of water resources and their management in the Hindu Kush Himalayan (HKH) region. 

The regional cryosphere knowledge hub is a collaborative effort to share and disseminate data and information through a network of national partners from ICIMOD’s regional member countries and beyond. It serves as a clearing house for cryosphere-related data and information for relevant operational services and research activities. The knowledge hub integrates geospatial data to support knowledge development and decision making, and builds on capacity building efforts in the region for future generations of scientists.  

The activities under the regional cryosphere knowledge hub include:

  • Building a web-based interactive portal for the dissemination and visualization of cryosphere data that includes science applications and story maps.
  • Regular publication of quarterly e-bulletins on the cryosphere-related activities of ICIMOD and its regional member countries 
  • Conferences, seminars, and workshops 
  • Events for regional knowledge sharing 

In the long term, the regional cryosphere knowledge hub will contribute to improving and coordinating the regional cryosphere data sharing between regional and global platforms, which serve as sources for international strategy building. 

International Symposium on Glaciology in High Mountain Asia
Kathmandu, Nepal
1-6 March 2015