Field Expedition to Ngozumpa Glacier in Khumbu


Content and Field activities

Cryosphere researchers from ICIMOD will join a team of scientists from institutes in Nepal and Europe for an extensive field campaign to Ngozumpa glacier in the Khumbu region of Nepal in the months of March and April 2016. The team will conduct geophysical surveys on the debris covered glacier making ground penetrating radar measurements of the ice and debris thicknesses. 

Background of the event

The field expedition is part of a new collaboration between ICIMOD and the University of Innsbruck commencing in 2016 to collect ice thickness data, analyse data, work on common publications, and regional capacity building. 

Objective and outcome

The overall objective of the project led by the University of Innsbruck is to better understand how debris-covered glaciers respond to climatic variability and the future of such glaciers. ICIMOD is also collecting ice thickness data to improve regional ice volume estimates in Himalayas. The project contributes to the evaluation of future water resources and glacier lake flood hazard potential.