MyCOE/SERVIR Partnership

The MyCOE / SERVIR Partnership project supports local, long term capacity building to use geography and geographic technologies for sustainable development initiatives and facilitates ways in which existing geographic data and tools may be applied to critical regional needs across developing regions of the world. It seeks to strengthen the linkages among MyCOE, the SERVIR system and user communities.

The Association of American Geographers, serving as secretariat for the MyCOE Program, has formed a partnership with the SERVIR program to help university students living and studying in developing regions conduct long-term research or educational activities in response to sustainable development needs in their countries.

MyCOE-Himalaya Workshop and Student Research Support

The MyCOE (My Community - Our Earth) / SERVIR Initiative in the Himalayas is a 10-month fellowship program for undergraduate and graduate students in eligible countries in the Himalayas who have ideas and plans for research that addresses themes of Climate Change in Mountain Area Regions using geographic technologies. Students have been invited to propose a research project and have been competitively selected on the basis of their long-term potential to contribute to these topics in the region.

A capacity building and GIS training workshop was held at the International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD), based in Kathmandu, Nepal, on February 18-26, 2013. Selected fellows and their mentors from Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal and Pakistan participated in this workshop.

The MyCOE / SERVIR program has provided selected students with customized training in GIS, remote sensing, GPS, and/or spatial techniques to help them enrich their research. More so, the students received guidance in writing a research proposal and improving presentation skills. They also have access to additional guidance by international experts and engage in an online community with other fellows.

Topics of research include (among others):

  • Glacier response to climate change in India and Nepal
  • Assessment of water resources in the Koshi basin
  • Modeling snow and glacier melt runoff and climate change impacts in the Koshi basin
  • Vulnerability assessment for potential Glacial Lakes Outburst Floods in Pakistan
  • A village level case study in Eastern Bhutan on adaptation strategies comparing traditional beliefs with scientific knowledge
  • Assessing land cover changes in hilly regions in Bangladesh and implications for climate change adaptation

Workshop feedback by Participants

About the workshop by Dr Richard A. Marston, resource person Assciation of American Geographers (AAG)

About MyCOE by Carrie Stokes, Geographer and Director of the GeoCenter, USAID

About ICIMOD and Servir Himalaya by Basanta Shrestha, Regional Programme Manager, MENRIS

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