ICIMOD Programme Impact

Impact is the increased emphasis of the new Strategic Framework of ICIMOD. It is important to understand for whom we work (beneficiaries) and the perceived impact we have perceived.

Programme Reach/Beneficiaries

ICIMOD benefits women, men and children of the HKH region and beyond. ICIMOD programme beneficiaries are described in three levels:

Immediate Reach/beneficiaries
Those implementing ICIMOD regional programmes and initiatives — individual people reached through pilot and action research and implementing partners directly involved in ICIMOD programme at institutional level. Tracking and measuring of these beneficiaries is easier.

Intermediate Reach/beneficiaries
Those influenced by immediate reach — regional programmes (RPs) goods and services and reach from upscaling. We can track them but measurement becomes more difficult.

Ultimate Reach/Beneficiaries
Community people reached directly and indirectly through pilot or action research, or spill over and upscaling.

Beneficiaries are described in two ways:

Direct Reach/beneficiaries
Those who’ve benefitted from RPs and can be verified physically in need, e.g. community people who’ve participated in pilot and action research, and institutions who participated in implementation of RPs and Initiatives.

There are some differences on who and how people benefitted in different RPs and initiatives based on the nature of the programme and development pathway followed. The specific details of beneficiaries will be explained at the initiative level.

Indirect Reach
Individuals and institutions who benefitted from RPs but cannot be easily verified physically that they benefitted from an ICIMOD programme, e.g. community people reached through upscaling and institutions not directly working in ICIMOD RPs but using the ICIMOD products and services. 

Programme Impact

ICIMOD’s vision statement is about making a positive difference in wellbeing of people and the environment through impact on poverty, people’s vulnerabilities and ecosystem services. ICIMOD is a knowledge organisation and works in applied science, bridging science, policy and practice. ICIMOD theory of change has a longer chain of results for reaching ultimate beneficiaries. Measuring impact and addressing real attribution problems in a short timeframe is a challenge for ICIMOD. Nevertheless, ICIMOD’s MTAP III follows the impact pathway analysis approach in monitoring and evaluation of RPs and initiatives, conducts external evaluations, and measures impact of selected initiatives and projects.