Manuals and Handbooks

  • CBD Handbook
    This handbook provides details of the Convention on Biological Diversity, COP Decisions, Thematic Areas etc.
  • TK and IP Handbook
    A Handbook on Issues and Options for Traditional Knowledge Holders in
    Protecting their Intellectual Property and Maintaining Biological Diversity
  • Manual for People's Biodiversity Register
    This is a methodology manual for People's Biodiversity Register, a programme that is mandated by Biological Diversity Act of India in 2002. This programme has started since 1995 and is being continued in India. This manual provides useful information on PBR.
  • Gender, Agrobiodiversity and TK
    This manual provides gender perspective on agrobiodiversity and traditional knowledge.
  • Protection of TK
    This UNU-IAS report provides comparative analysis on the role of TK registers and database in protecting Traditional Knowledge.
  • Swiss ABS Manual
    The purpose of this manual is to provide a tool that will assist the scientific community in implementing the CBD and the Bonn Guidelines. It is important that the scientific community takes the lead in applying the principles of justice and equity enshrined in the Convention on Biological Diversity.