REDD+ Gorkha International TV coverage

DW TV crew and ICIMOD staff

At the request of Deutsche Welle (DW) television service, a team from ICIMOD and DW, travelled to Ludhi Khola watershed in Gorkha, one of the three districts where REDD+ Himalaya project is being carried out. Guided by local partners, the team observed forest management activities, REDD activities of the project and discussed major challenges. The DW team also interviewed different stakeholders involved in the REDD+ Himalaya project.  

ICIMOD has been working in Gorkha district on REDD+ with local communities and forestry officials for the past eight years. The project prepares local community to participate in the international REDD+ climate policy while simultaneously strengthening grassroots institutions for better forest governance. 

Deutsche Welle TV has made a film that captures the project activities. The film seeks to link local actions with global concerns and draw international attention to the subject. The segment was aired on 2 May 2016 at 9.30 p.m. UTC on Deutsche Welle TV for the Global 3000 Programme.