Enhancing Data Compilation and Management Skills

Dr Eklabya Sharma speaks to participants during the training

A two-day regional orientation on data compilation and management was organized at ICIMOD on 5-6 April 2016. About 15 participants, including representatives from various partner organizations from the regional member countries Bhutan, China, India, Nepal and Pakistan, participated in the training.

The event was jointly organized by the Kangchenjunga Landscape Conservation and Development Initiative (KLCDI) and the Regional Database System (RDS). It catered to technical experts of the implementing partner institutions who are collecting, collating and managing data of the Kangchenjunga and other transboundary landscape programmes of the ICIMOD. 

The broad goal of the training was to strengthen participants’ capacity to compile, manage and share data for conservation and development work. Specific sessions focused on building participants’ skills for creating metadata for the datasets, feeding data into the regional database system, accessing data and managing data collected from the household surveys using the software CSPro. The training covered both theoretical aspects as well as hands-on exercises.