Mr Ashok Kumar Mishra                       

Ashok Kumar Mishra is a Senior Assistant Editor at national English daily Hindustan Times and has been working there for 29 years. He has reported on several areas including politics, environment, and social issues other. He has been covering environment issues and natural disasters like earthquakes, drought,  recurring floods in Bihar and its impact on agriculture, livestock and topography of the plains of Bihar. He has contributed to stories on the need for hydro power projects to tap the vast hydro-electricity potential of Koshi and other rivers emanating from Himalayan glaciers. He also covered the 2008 breach of Koshi embankment at Kusaha in Nepal territory in August 2008 and the subsequent damage caused to millions of people in Bihar.  Ashok holds a master’s degree from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi and has written numerous articles, reports and features on current topics such as political developments, environmental, and socio-economic aspects.