Rewarding Conserving Dhankuta Upstream Communities


The International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD) and Dhankuta municipality have combined to manage upstream water sources and possible mechanisms to incentivise communities for their efforts in conserving water source.  As part of the Koshi Basin Programme (KBP), a one day stakeholders’ consultation on linking upstream-downstream for sustaining water supply in Dhankuta municipality. The municipality, together with ICIMOD and Green Governance organised the event to brought 48 representatives (12 female) from upstream and downstream communities, government officials, representatives from District Development Committee (DDC) participated the consultative workshop. 

ICIMOD and Green Governance Nepal have been supporting Dhankuta municipality to assess upstream-downstream linkages, possible payment and benefit sharing mechanisms, and also understanding value of ecosystem services, particularly water in the Tankhuwa and Nibuwa watershed area, the main source of water supply in Dhankuta municipality. 

Ananda Shrestha, Secretary of Shardukhola watershed management committee, Dharan shared his experiences on managing watershed and incentivising upstream communities for ensuring water supply in Dharan city. ICIMOD, as part of Himalayan Climate Change Adaptation Programme (HICAP) has been supporting Shardukhola watershed management committee for similar work in Dharan municipality. 

Dhankuta municipality, together with Dhankuta water supply management committee, already agreed to establish a funds to support upstream communities for the conservation of the watershed. NRs 15 per water tap per month is allocated for similar funds which will be disbursed to upstream communities for conservation and livelihoods activities.