Regional Training on ‘Glacio-hydrological Modelling Using the SPHY Model’


A training course on ‘Glacio-hydrological modelling using the SPHY model’ was organized from 14–18 December 2015 by ICIMOD under the Indus Basin Initiative. The training was a follow-up to the first training course in 2014 and included newly developed interface components. The overall objective of the training was to ensure that the Spatial Processes in Hydrology (SPHY) model, a state of the art model developed by ICIMOD in collaboration with FutureWater, the Netherlands, can be applied by a wide range of experts with basic hydrological and computer skills using a basic interface including a data pre-processing tool. 

Altogether, 23 participants from India (WADIA Institute of Himalayan Geology); Nepal (Department of Hydrology and Meteorology, Kathmandu University, and Tribhuvan University); Pakistan (Pakistan Meteorological Department, Karakorum International University, Water and Power Development Authority, and Pakistan Council of Research in Water Resources); and ICIMOD staff participated in the training, including 4 women. The training consisted of five modules: Model concepts and theory, Installing SPHY and GIS software, Case study using SPHY interface, Using the SPHY pre-processing tool, and Build your own SPHY model. Data and information from the Trishuli river basin were used in module 3, whereas participants used their own datasets for module 5. Mr Arthur Lutz and Mr Wilco Terink from FutureWater were the resource persons. 

Some of the remarks shared by the participants during the training evaluation were: “The pre-processor is an excellent tool added to the SPHY model that helps in extracting the basic data, which is normally not available” and “The manuals and the lectures were informative and the resource persons were very helpful and gave adequate time for queries and troubleshooting of the model during the course”.