Integrated Water and Hazard Management

The conservation of water, its sustainable management, and its negotiated future use are of paramount importance for the Himalayan people and have ramifications for the prosperity and stability of the entire region and beyond. Water is not only the single most important resource and source of wealth, but also the source of catastrophic hazards. ICIMOD’s integrated approach takes this into consideration and is aimed at contributing to the management and sustainable use of water as part of the greater mountain ecosystem, taking into account the management and sustainable use of water and land resources for livelihoods, the impacts on human health and the environment, and the pressing need for disaster risk reduction and management of water-related hazards. ICIMOD works to monitor and assess ice and water resources, promote community resilience and preparedness for disaster risk reduction, ensure the sharing of upstream-downstream benefits, and provide information and tools for better risk management.


  • Improved knowledge and understanding of the status of glaciers and water resources and related hazards, and their trends and changes in the HKH region shared with the  regional member countries and globally
  • Increased awareness, capacity, preparedness, and access to knowledge among key stakeholders in the field of disaster risk reduction
  • Enhanced knowledge on climate-induced hazards used to help policy and decision makers make better informed decisions, which in turn improve the adaptation capacity of rural communities
  • Improved dialogue and strengthened cooperation becomes a basis for water related benefit sharing and risk management in the region