National Expert Symposium on ‘Ecosystem Based Adaptation: Practices, Challenges and Opportunities in Pakistan’


The national expert symposium on ‘Ecosystem based adaptation: practices, challenges and opportunities in Pakistan’ will gather researchers, practitioners and managers to discuss existing best practices on Ecosystem based Adaptation in Pakistan, while endeavouring to make the Ecosystem-based Adaptation (EbA) concept understandable for future adoption in Upper Indus Basin of Pakistan. The two-day symposium will offer a platform for participants to share at least ten best practices on EbA through interactive sessions. The sessions will focus primarily on linking practices to policy in mainstream development and climate change adaptation planning to better cope with the adverse impacts of climate change on mountain ecosystem and livelihoods.

Some 30 known researchers, practitioners and managers, familiar with EbA in mountain areas of Pakistan, together with international experts from outside Pakistan, will participate in the symposium and present their research before an August forum of EbA practitioners and policy makers. 

Expected Outcomes:

  • A focused intellectual discourse on EbA practices in Pakistan,
  • A selection of the best EbA practices for inputs into sector policies; and
  • A publication on Ecosystem-based Adaptation: Practices, opportunities and challenges in Pakistan.