Second Regional Training on “Glacio-Hydrological Modelling using the SPHY Model”


Indus Initiative in collaboration with Future Water is organising its second regional training on ‘Spatial Process on Hydrology (SPHY) model’ from 14 to 18 December 2015. SPHY model  is developed using the best available components of existing models resulting in a simulation model that is flexible in scaling, includes cryosphere, mountain hydrology, low land hydrology and land surface processes, is in the public domain, and can be linked to remote sensing. A first training course was provided to regional experts in December 2014. This follow-up second course will expand on the subject and will include newly developed interface components developed in response to possible improvements pointed out by the users. 

Participants from India, Nepal, Pakistan and ICIMOD will be participating in the training. You are welcome to join in the opening session or interact with the resource persons and participants during the breaks. Please find the attached background, agenda and participants list.

Objective of the training

The overall objective of this training is: 

To ensure that SPHY can be applied by a wider range of experts with basic hydrological and computer skills, by developing and providing a basic interface including a data preprocessing tool.

 More specifically: 

  • The integrated hydrological analysis tool will include cryosphere, hydrology, and land surface processes;
  • The interface will allow users to change/select model input parameters and maps, select model output to be reported, and run the model, and iv) show the model output;
  • The preprocessing tool will allow users to select a rectangular model extent and spatial resolution. The software preprocesses input data from a predefined database to model extent and resolution;
  • A manual with underlying theory and a hands-on training for a case study basin will be made available to participants; 
  • Participants will be able to implement the model in their working basins and sub basins.