Biodiversity Show

ICIMOD opened its doors for the public and its partners from Nepal for an Open House event on 6th March. The stalls included a special ‘Biodiversity Show’ as part of the celebrations for the International Year of Biodiversity. The message for the public was “Biodiversity provides numerous benefits through ecosystem services. Human activities can hinder nature’s ability to continue providing these services. Let us join hands to protect our plants and our animals, and the forests, pastures, rivers, wetlands, fields and other places where they live, so that they can be enjoyed by future generations”. The show was designed to create awareness of the importance of biodiversity in our lives, the factors causing biodiversity loss, the consequences of biodiversity loss on human wellbeing, and the urgent need to protect our living planet to assure its services to mankind.

The show had many visitors, young and old, who learned about the flora and fauna of Nepal, and the Centre’s efforts towards biodiversity conservation and management. Visitors were fascinated by the displayed materials including foodstuffs, fodder, fibre, fuelwood, clothes, shelter materials, and medicinal plants that people use in their daily life. Culture was given due consideration by displaying materials that make use of biodiversity like incense sticks and prayer flags. Especially researchers and students were delighted to take the IYB promotional flyer, and bookmarks with biodiversity conservation messages.

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