Regional Training on Biodiversity Management and Climate Change

Building capacity to better understand the challenges of biodiversity management in relation to climate change

ICIMOD organised a nine day long “Regional training on biodiversity management and climate change” was held from 23 to 31 March 2010, at Kathmandu, Nepal. Twenty professionals from Bhutan, China, India and Myanmar, representing partner organisations from Kangchenjunga, Kailash Sacred and Brahmputra-Salween landscapes participated.

The objective of the training was to build the capacity in implementing the integrated conservation at the landscape level and to fill in the gaps in technical understanding of the linkages between biodiversity conservation and societal priorities, cultural perspectives, economic need and challenges imposed by climate change.

During the inaugural session, Dr Andreas Schild, Director General, ICIMOD  highlighted the objectives of International Year of Biodiversity 2010, He emphasized on biodiversity being a global resource that transcends national boundaries, and that its management requires a multidisciplinary, transboundary, and regional approach. He also urged the participants to look into the prospects of promoting the uses of mountain biodiversity. Dr Eklabya Sharma, Programme Manager of Environmental Change and Ecosystem Services Programme, ICIMOD pointed towards the challenges and complexity brought about by climate change into the biodiversity management. He stressed on the need to understand the linkages between climate change and biodiversity, and therefore a need for a thorough assessment of biodiversity in terms of interdependency with ecosystem services, potential climate change impacts, and the measures that will be required to respond to the challenge of biodiversity conservation in relation to climate change in the future.

The training was concluded with evaluation and feedback from the participants and the message from Mr Berend De Groot, Director of Programme Operations, ICIMOD. The training manual for the participants based on the content of the training is under preparation.