Street Drama on 'Water and Biodiversity'

Together with Children for Green New Nepal (CGNN), the International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD) organised a street drama on ‘Water and Biodiversity’ on 22 May 2010 in celebration of the International Day for Biological Diversity. Three shows were held, one each at three different locations within the valley as follows:

FirstKathmandu Durbar Square11:00am
SecondRatna park1:00pm
ThirdPatan Durbar Square3:00pm

Synopsis of the Street Drama, ‘Water and Biodiversity’

Presented by:          Children for Green New Nepal (CGNN)
Script and Director : Amit Baniya, Activity Coordinator CGNN
Artists :                  CGNN volunteers (12 artists, 12 characters)
Duration :                25 minutes



The street drama ‘Water and Biodiversity’ highlighted the importance of the linkages between water and biodiversity and the immense values they provide to people and all living beings.

The drama showed how water pollution from human activities has a long-term effect on people. The water becomes polluted when people throw garbage and dump sewage directly into rivers, streams, ponds, and other water sources. The polluted water is used for bathing, washing, drinking, and others, which leads to many health-related problems. People think that garbage thrown into the water is swept away and somehow disappears. They do not know, or maybe care, that their actions upstream can affect the people living downstream. The drama also tried to portray the effects of water pollution on aquatic life and agriculture, and the concept of ‘share water and share opportunities’.

The drama then tackled the issue of biodiversity. As a result of using the natural resources around us indiscriminately, many animals, birds, butterflies, and others are in danger of becoming extinct. The drama focused on overpopulation and its impacts on biodiversity. Due to overpopulation, forests are cleared for housing, factories, farms, and many other purposes. The drama had a character who cuts down a tree for no reason, not realising the results. He later gets motivated by his young daughter and learns a lot from the school teacher. Biodiversity provides us with a lot of opportunities if we use it properly, for example income through agroforestry can help to sustain our livelihoods. Conserving biodiversity helps keep the balance between humans and nature. The drama emphasised the relationship between the environment and people and how the environment is the lifeline for survival of all living beings.

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