Strategic Cooperation

In order to fulfill its mandate, enhance technical outreach, improve science quality, enhance impact, and build a regional constituency for sustainable mountain development, ICIMOD has been working with and through an extended and diversified network of local, national, regional, and international partner organizations. Effective partnership management is central to ICIMOD in achieving its strategic goals while also providing a feedback loop to enable ICIMOD to evolve continually as a vibrant organization that responds to emerging regional needs and priorities. ICIMOD has made a major shift from a project to a programmatic approach with an increasing trend of establishing partnerships corresponding with its growing programme portfolios. 

The Board of Governors in November 2013 endorsed the Partnership Strategy to institute sound partnership development and management at the Centre. 

Establishing effective partnerships is pivotal to ICIMOD as an interface between research and development and to link science to policy and practice on the ground. ICIMOD partners with a wide variety of institutions, including strategic and policy partners, operational and research partners, development partners, and knowledge, science and network partners. Working together with regional and international partners, ICIMOD is committed to bringing about transformative change in the region by improving the environmental conditions and livelihoods of mountain and downstream communities. 


  • Align partners with  a shared goal and vision
  • Reposition ICIMOD to better respond to regional need and priorities
  • Improve the effectiveness of programme delivery and impacts
  • Enable growth and minimize implementation risks
  • Enhance practices at ICIMOD to make the optimal use of partnership