Regional Training on Flood Outlook & Flood Modelling


The main objective of the training programme is to share the concepts and tools used in developing the regional flood outlook as well as provide detailed hands-on-training on flood modelling.  Details of the hydrological and hydrodynamic models will be shown to the participants and a hands-on-training will be given so that they will be able to understand the modelling system as well as will be able to initiate development of basin specific models for their own countries. 

The modelling component is being carried out as a collaborative approach in which ICIMOD has played the lead role. Capacity building of national partner agencies and ICIMOD is a key outcome of this component. Staff of ICIMOD and other national agencies is an integral part of the project team and they will disseminate the outcome of the project as well as the learned methodologies into their work.

The one-week training will be held in ICIMOD Kathmandu and will be managed by the HKH-HYCOS project. Training will be conducted by resource persons from DHI and the ICIMOD team members involved in the development of the model. Table below provides the detailed training programme.