Regional Knowledge Sharing Workshop on ‘Demystifying REDD+ Safeguards for South Asia’


In the Hindu Kush Himalaya region, countries have initiated their work on safeguards but no formal submissions have been done by any country to the UNFCCC. This workshop aims to engage the experts from countries on developing REDD+ safeguards for the region referring to the CoP decisions. The outcomes of the workshop will ultimately contribute to the establishment of the safeguards information system for the countries. There are many common opportunities and challenges in the eastern Himalaya countries and focusing on the region will enable the experts to share knowledge and experience across the borders to come up with a safeguard approach specifically designed for the Hindu Kush Himalaya context. 

REDD+ Initiative is organizing Regional Knowledge Sharing Workshop on “Demystifying REDD+ Safeguards for South Asia” from 2-6 November 2015 in Kolkata, India. Aiming to improve an understanding on REDD+ safeguard among the REDD+ partnering countries, this workshop brings together ICIMOD REDD+ Initiative partners and delegates from Bhutan, India, Myanmar and Nepal with the following objectives : 

  • To improve understanding of the REDD+ safeguard approach and compatibility with existing safeguards; 
  • Establish a Technical Expert Group, prepare and adopt its Terms of Reference (ToR) and a work plan for systematic documentation of knowledge about REDD+ safeguards to assist the countries in the region in establishing REDD+ national safeguard information system; and 
  • Foster south-south learning in the region on REDD+ safeguards.

Expected outcome of the workshop are : 

  • An understanding on REDD+ safeguards updated
  • A network of people  and experts engaged in REDD+ safeguard  created  
  • An Expert Group on REDD+ safeguards is established, its ToR and work plan adopted for documenting knowledge required for establishing of the Safeguard Information System in each of the countries in the region.