Assessment Process

More than 350 researchers, practitioners, experts, and policy-makers were involved in drafting the HKH Assessment Report. The process involved:

  1. Framing of the assessment: An initial framing workshop and consultation with various experts defining the structure and process of the assessment; 
  2. Drafting of chapters: The experience of other assessments, engaging a network of people with in depth knowledge of the region has drafted the chapters;
  3. Extensive review: The draft, the chapters and sections outline, will be modified/revised and shared with respective group of people for more suggestions and inputs before finalizing it; 
  4. Active communication program: Steering committee to look into issues that have been discussed on the overall structure, chapters and timeline; 
  5. Engagement with policy makers: The assessment will be linked to policy makers in the region through various processes through a policy reference group, 
  6. Development of a summary document: A Summary for Decision Makers will be prepared based on the results of the process, 
  7. Publication and Launch: The assessment book was published in early 2019.