Key Questions 

The Assessment considers many critical questions which are defined by chapter groups and working groups, including the following:

  • How is the HKH a global asset?
  • What are the risks of pursuing a status quo/inaction approach?
  • What kinds of land use changes are taking place in the HKH?
  • What are the different energy scenarios for the countries of the HKH and what are the implications on ecosystems, water availability, and air pollution?
  • What do the following 4 scenarios look like in the HKH? (1)  An eco or green scenario (2) an industrial or business scenario (3) A business as usual scenario; and (4) a sustainable development scenario
  • How will climate change impact glacier cover in the region?
  • What are the climate change adaptation strategies being employed?
  • What can we learn from traditional communities and indigenous knowledge in terms of sustainable mountain development?