Background and Rationale

ICIMOD is coordinating the Comprehensive Assessment of the HKH Region, conducted as part of the larger HIMAP programme. In September 2013, a ‘Framing Workshop’ was held in Kathmandu, where it was decided to produce an assessment report on the Hindu Kush Himalayas. We are aiming at a comprehensive assessment of the current state of knowledge of the HKH region that will increase the understanding of various drivers of change and their impacts, address critical data gaps and lead to a set of practically oriented policy recommendations. The assessment process will involve a broad and diverse group of researchers, practitioners and policy makers, and culminate in a major publication with a highly reputed international publishing house in 2017. Our thinking has evolved away from a “one-off” assessment to more of an ongoing process, with the 2017 publication being the first of a series of assessments that we hope can happen every few years.