Participant's Profile

Lifei Feng

Lifei Feng is an editor and reporter. 
She has been working with the  
China Science Daily for the past four years. She graduated from Renmin University,China with a master’s degree in International Journalism. She has written scientific stories covering various topics ranging from climate change to environmental pollution; from space technology to geological sciences and life sciences. She can be reached at .

Qin Liu

Qin Liu has been working as a reporter and editor for Chinadialogue since 2013. Previously, she worked with China Green Times for six years. She holds a bachelor’s degree in English literature from Beijing Foreign Studies University.  She can be reached at .

Yuanjin Ni

Yuanjin Ni, has been working as a journalist for the past five years. She graduated from Renmin University majoring in Language and Journalism Ms Ni has been reporting on the environment with China's state-owned Xinhua News Agency for the past 2.5 years, and has written stories on air, water, soil pollution, environmental lawsuit and public policies, and earthquake, typhoon, debris flow, snow-melt, and red tide caused by climate change and natural disasters. She believes that journalists are responsible for reporting on these issues, in order to enlighten the public, monitor the government and polluting enterprises, link research institutions and the policy-makers, and promote public policies.

She believes that an excellent journalist needs multi-disciplinary knowledge and field research guided by professionals. Her reporting experiences have made her extremely worried, because all the environment-relating issues are tough challenges for both China and the world. She can be reached at .