Facilitators Profile

Kieran Cooke has been a journalist for over 25 years, the majority of the time working for the BBC (radio) and the Financial Times. His foreign postings include Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong, and Greece. He has also worked as a press officer at the UN General Assembly in New York and as a contributing editor and columnist for a number of magazines and internet sites. 

After pursuing a higher diploma in Environmental Conservation at Oxford in 2005, he has worked mainly on environmental matters, writing and broadcasting on various issues and holding teaching workshops for environmental journalists in the developing world. 

He has been involved in workshops – held under the auspices of UNEP/GRID-Arendal, the BBC, and others – in the Caucasus region, Central Asia, Southeast Asia, and both East and West Africa. Kieran has also taught at environmental workshops for developing world journalists held in Berlin under the auspices of GIZ. Special areas of interest include environmental risk management, water systems, and linkages between the environment and the broader economy.

Kieran has worked as a press coordinator on a number of environmental expeditions investigating water and river systems around the world: he has been on the Adriatic and Baltic seas, on the Amazon and the Mississippi, and around Greenland and the Arctic. In 2011 Kieran undertook an extended expedition in the Himalayan region, looking at river systems and plant life in the higher reaches of Yunnan Province in southwest China and on the Tibetan Plateau. He can be reached at or http://lightershadeofgreen.com/about.php