Kathmandu University MS Glaciology students present research proposals


Eight students from Kathmandu University were invited to ICIMOD 21 August 2015 to present their research proposals to a panel of experts for feedback and discussion. The students were part of the MS Research in Glaciology program coordinated by Dr. Rijan Kayastha at Kathmandu University. Four of the students were funded by scholarships provided through the ICIMOD Cryosphere Initiative, and four were supported by the USAID-funded program CHARIS.  Additional support for field campaigns and capacity building was provided by the joint ICIMOD and Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE) program SnowAMP.   

MS Glaciology student Javed Hassan presents his research proposal.

The student proposals included studies of glacier thickness, surface energy and mass balance, snow melt, and glacier-hydrological modelling. Over the next 12 months, these students will be conducting fieldwork, analysis, and modelling to complete their research projects. Members of the Cryosphere Initiative will be providing co-supervision and advice as the students prepare their theses. The Cryosphere Initiative is funded by the Government of Norway. 

Patrick Wagnon (ICIMOD) and Tenzing Chogyal Sherpa during the coffee break.

KU Participants: Tenzing Chogyal Sherpa, Abhijit Vaidya, Mingma Y. Sherpa, Bishwash Yogi, Amrit Thapa, Syed Hammad Ali, IramBano, Javed Hassan, Dr. Rijan Kayastha

ICIMOD Participants: Joseph Shea (co-ordinator), Inka Koch, Dorothea Stumm, Anna Sinisalo, Maxime Litt, Patrick Wagnon, Pradeep Mool, Arun Shrestha, Sharad Joshi