ICIMOD joins Scientific and Technical Advisory Group of India’s National Mission on Himalayan Studies


The Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change, Government of India recently launched the National Mission on Himalayan Studies to protect the delicate Himalayan ecosystem. The goal of the mission is to build scientific and traditional knowledge,  expand the existing network of practitioners, and to find workable and replicable solutions in order to address a range of issues related to the sustainable development of the Indian Himalayan Region. The group was initially provided USD 15 million  for the current financial year. Government of India has provided an approximate budget of US $ 15 million for the current financial year for implementation of mission activities.

ICIMOD was nominated to serve as part of the regional inter-governmental organisation on the Scientific and Technical Advisory Committee (STAG). STAG will provide scientific and technical expert advice, make recommendations to the project steering committee, and advise the project management team on engagement and capacity development