Communication and Media Training on Environment



The National Environmental Protection Agency (NEPA), Afghanistan, and the International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD) are organizing a Communication and Media training on Environment. The training will be attended by officials from NEPA and a select group of Afghani journalists.


  1. To provide an overall understanding of different regional and global environmental issues covering climate change, livelihood, gender, disaster preparedness, and environmental reporting.
  2. To increase journalists’ understanding of mountain issues through demonstration and field visits and interaction with stakeholders and local communities.
  3. To provide journalistic skills for better environmental reporting.

Expected outcomes

  • Each participant to produce/publish at least two stories on issues relating to an environmental issue after returning home.
  • Increased knowledge for the journalists on environmental issues and skills and confidence in developing stories in the context of Afghanistan. 

  • Strengthening ICIMOD’s media networks and improved media relations in Afghanistan.

Target participants

  • 9 Afghani journalists and officials identified by NEPA and ICIMOD


Thematic resource persons, partner(s), and external resource person(s).