User engagement

As a programme that looks at exploring space technology and information gathered from space to address impacts of climate change through hubs located in different regions, SERVIR is a demand driven project that moves alongside the need of regions it serves. User engagement activities are geared toward understanding regional perspectives and needs. As mandated, the SERVIR-Himalaya initiative has developed a practical user engagement strategy to increase the use and demand of SERVIR tools and services. Working with science teams to implement and report on the user engagement effort for each application, SERVIR will develop and implement tools and methods for enhancement of user engagement.

The activities under user engagement include:

  • Design, develop, and publish online catalogue for SERVIR Global and SERVIR-Himalaya products, tools, and services
  • Develop in-depth case study of Forest Fire Application to gain understanding of impact and additional opportunities for increasing demand
  • Design and develop user engagement database across organization and SERVIR
  • Develop user engagement strategy and reports for science applications
  • User engagement activities with science applications 

SERVIR product catalogue:

The SERVIR product catalogue ( is a searchable repository of all applications and tools developed and implemented by the hubs on a global level. The catalogue provides browsing of entries based on region, theme, status, earth observation data used, and types of product. For each of the science application and the grant studies, a corresponding catalogue entry is prepared and entered into the product catalogue.