Bikram Manandhar



Bikram Manandhar joined the Livelihood Theme in June 2015 as a Survey and Data Analyst. He will contribute to the Koshi Basin Programme in water and livelihood analysis. Mr Manandhar holds an MSc in Watershed Management from the Institute of Forestry, Pokhara. He has four years of research experience in water resource management with a focus on interdisciplinary water resources management, disaster risk reduction, soil-water interaction, and ground water sustainability, among other things, for Nepal Engineering College, Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Bangkok , and local NGOs. Mr Manandhar also taught at Nepal Engineering College in Ecology and Environment as part of the MSc Natural Resources Management programme and has worked with the South Asia School of Rural Reconstruction (SARR) in developing and reviewing modules related to disaster risk management and natural resource management. Furthermore, he was involved in the research project ‘Understanding the Role of Remittance in Reducing Risk to Earthquakes’ with Practical Action and NRRC.