Sustainable Development Investment Portfolio (SDIP) - Annual Partnership Healthcheck Workshop


The Australian Government’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), through its Sustainable Development Investment Portfolio (SDIP), responds to some of the key development challenges in South Asia by strengthening transboundary cooperation to promote more inclusive, accelerated, and resilient economic growth. The SDIP aims to increase water, food, and energy security in South Asia with particular attention to the needs of the poorest and most vulnerable, including women and girls.

ICIMOD is hosting the second SDIP Annual Partnership Healthcheck Workshop in Kathmandu in Kathmandu on 14-17 July. The meeting aims to review progress of the SDIP, identify the contribution of partners to food, energy, and water security in the region, and allow SDIP partners to share experiences and identify opportunities for further collaboration.

Meeting objectives: 

1. Review progress of the SDIP goals and objectives 

2. Shared reflection on where and how the change is happening and the                 potential for recalibration of actions and interventions

3. Optimizing partners input to the features of the SDIP:

  • cross-portfolio linkages and collaboration
  • organizational strengthening
  • funding flexibility and scalability
  • DFAT leverage and policy engagement
  • Annual Dialogue opportunity
4. Review the quality of the partnerships and management of risk

5. Any unexpected (tangible and intangible) risks and benefits (value-add) of the     twin approaches (portfolio and partnership).


    Date Time Activity
    14 July 09:00-18:30 Field visit to SDIP pilot study (on reviving springs and ponds) site - Kavre (details communicated to participants separately)
    15 July Team Interactions at ICIMOD
      09:00 Pick up from Radisson hotel (ICIMOD vehicle)
      10:00 KBP team (Annapurna meeting room)
      11:00 Indus and Energy teams (Annapurna meeting room)
      12:30 Lunch
      18:00 Pick up from Radisson hotel (ICIMOD vehicle)
      18:30 Reception Dinner (Venue - TBC)
    16 July Individual interactions at ICIMOD
      09:00 Pick up from Radisson hotel (ICIMOD vehicle)
      10:00 David Molden
      11:00 Eklabya Sharma
      12:30 Lunch
      14:00 Basanta Shrestha
      15:00 Shekhar Ghimire
      16:00 Farid
    16 July DFAT meeting with Govt. officials
      09:30 Pick up from Radisson hotel (ICIMOD vehicle)
      10:00 Meeting with Ministry of Agriculture Development
      11:30 Meeting with Department of Hydrology and Meteorology
    17 July Health check Workshop (Annapurna Meeting room, ICIMOD)
      09:00 Pick up from Radisson hotel (ICIMOD vehicle)
      10:00 Welcome/Overview (ICIMOD/DFAT)
      10:30 Hot topics (Budget plus anything critical)
      11:00 Group photo
      11:15 Portfolio and Partnership Review
    • Outline of themes from advisor interviews with partners (JM/KH)
    • Discussion of matrix results
    • What's going well?
    • What do we want to do differently?
    • Ongoing challenges
    • Upcoming opportunities
      12:00 Review/Update of Partnership Agreement
    • Success indicators
    • Risk matrix
      13:00 Lunch
      14:00 Any outstanding issues
      14:30 Action Points