Pilot research on wetlands to kick start in Dali


A team from ICIMOD and the Yunnan Institute of Environmental Science (YIES) conducted a study visit to the Luo Shi Jiang Wetland, which lies northeast of Erhai Lake in Dali Autonomous Prefecture of Yunnan Province, China. The wetland has been earmarked by the Chinese Government for wetland restoration around Erhai Lake, the second largest highland lake in China. 

The Luo Shi Jiang Wetland provides abundant clear water and is a habitat for plants and wild birds. Mr Wei Zhi Hong, Director of the Dali Erhai Lake Research Center, said that the Luo Shi Jiang Wetland serves as the primary reference for all wetland restoration projects around Erhai Lake. 

YIES, in collaboration with ICIMOD, is conducting action research on ecosystems, vulnerability, and adaptation in the Upper Salween and Mekong sub-basin in China, under the Himalayan Climate Change Adaptation Programme (HICAP). In partnership with the Yunnan provincial authorities, as part of the wetland restoration programme, and backed by the Chinese Government, researchers from YIES and ICIMOD, will be conducting pilot research in the Eryuan Dong Hu (East Lake) Wetland within the Erhai Lake basin. This pilot research will use techniques of wetland management to ensure ecosystem security while underpinning the restoration of wetland biodiversity. The pilot will underpin Phase I of the Dong Hu Wetland Restoration Project. Results from the pilot will provide the local government with valuable learning for overall wetland management in their planning and policy instruments. 

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