HICAP Synthesis and Planning Workshop


Three years into its 6-year implementation period, the Himalayan Climate Change Adaptation Programme (HICAP) has generated a large volume of science and knowledge on adaptation to change in the region. With 77 knowledge products in various stages of production, from 7 different components that encompass varied scientific and research disciplines in five sub-basins that span across 4 Hindu Kush Himalayan (HKH) regional member countries, there is a wide range of information coming out of HICAP research. In addition, several pilots and action research launched under the programme have given valuable experience to illustrate and elucidate the research findings in relation to the way, change is being felt and handled on the ground.

While the programme is organized in components, much of the work in HICAP is interdisciplinary and carried out in collaboration between components. Even so, there is a strong need to consolidate the disparate knowledge being produced within the programme along lines that will enable effective dissemination to stakeholders in the region. With this in mind, it has been decided that the final years of HICAP implementation will devote resources to a synthesis of the programme’s outputs. The synthesis will consolidate knowledge generated from the different sub-basins, and components of the programme, culminating in a regional HKH synthesis to be used as a basis for policy engagement and awareness-raising, as well as foundation for future research.

Objectives of the Workshop

This workshop has two key aims: 

  1. To initiate the synthesis process by discussing and making decisions on the goal, methodology, target audience, outputs, key questions and messages, and outreach of the synthesis; as well as settling on a core synthesis team and peer review group and timeline for the synthesis process.
  2. To plan for the coming 2.5 years of HICAP implementation, with a particular focus toward outreach and policy influence.