Regional Hands-on Training on Community-Based Flood Early Warning Systems (CB-FEWS)


A five-day course on Community-Based Flood Early Warning Systems (CB-FEWS) is being organized at the ICIMOD Knowledge Park at Godavari for communities and organizations implementing CB-FEWS with technical support from ICIMOD. The course is targeted at technical staff from local government bodies, partner NGOs, and care takers. A total of 15 participants – five each from Afghanistan, India, and Nepal will participate in the training. 

The course will provide technical know-how and conceptual knowledge on the use of a wireless flood early warning system designed by ICIMOD with support from Sustainable Eco Engineering (SEE). The course will adopt a ’learning by doing’ approach, providing each participant with an opportunity to work with the instruments of the CB-FEWS and practice the installation of the system. At the end of the training, a video tutorial will be provided to the participants.

Floods and flash floods are the most common climate-induced natural hazards in the Hindu Kush Himalayan region and have caused considerable losses of lives and property in downstream communities, particularly during the monsoon season. To address flood risks and enhance the resilience of vulnerable communities, ICIMOD, together with its partner organizations, established community-based flood early warning systems in two small rivers of Assam, India under its Himalayan Climate Change Adaptation Programme (HICAP). A CB-FEWS minimizes risks by providing real time flood warnings to downstream communities. The systems established in Assam proved to be successful in generating and disseminating flood signals that have helped communities save their assets and have supported district disaster management authorities in the deployment of flood rescue teams. Communities living in flood-prone areas have appreciated the system as an easy and reliable way to receive near real-time flood warnings.