Sindhupalchok VDCs

Detailed VDC maps showing settlements, health facility, buildings (used as polling stations), road network, and potential helicopter landing sites.

(Click the image to view bigger image and click JPG to download high resolutions image)

Atarpur VDC Download: JPG (2.29MB) 

Bansbari VDC Download: JPG (2.30MB) 

Banskharka VDC Download: JPG (2.34MB) 

Baramchi VDC Download: JPG (2.25MB) 

Batase VDC Download: JPG (2.21MB) 

Bhotechaur VDC Download: JPG (2.12MB) 

Bhote Namlang VDC Download: JPG (2.5MB) 

Choukati VDC Download: JPG (1.94MB) 

Choutara VDC Download: JPG (2.96MB) 

Dhumthang VDC Download: JPG (2.3MB) 

Dubachour VDC Download: JPG (2.4MB) 

Fatakshila VDC Download: JPG (2.4MB) 

Fulpingdandagau VDC Download: JPG (3MB) 

Fulpingkot VDC Download: JPG (2.4MB) 

Ghorthali VDC Download: JPG (2.29MB) 

Ghuskun VDC Download: JPG (2.61MB) 

Helambu VDC Download: JPG (2.78MB) 

Listikot VDC Download: JPG (2.35MB) 

Motang VDC Download: JPG (2.56MB) 

Tatopani VDC Download: JPG (2.47MB)