Settlement Maps

Use these maps to locate villages and settlements in the quake-impacted areas. Polygons on the maps indicate clusters of houses across different districts, they do not represent the density of settlements. The field verification of the settlement has not been carried out. 

The Google Earth file (KMZ or KML) can be downloaded before going into the field onto devices with Google Earth installed and used later without internet to help in navigating the terrain and locating settlements.

Also available is a static screen shot (JPG) with administrative boundaries of VDCs (Village Development Committees). 
Preliminary assessment has been carried out remotely using Google Earth. 

Dolakha settlement map | Download JPG (3.4MB) KML (5.7MB)

Gorkha settlement map | Download JPG (3.2MB) 

Nuwakotsettlement map | Download: JPG (3.7MB) KML


Ramechhap settlement map | DownloadJPG (31.1MB) KMZ (3.77MB)

Rasuwa settlement map | Download: JPG (3.2MB) KMZ


Sindhupalchok settlement map | DownloadJPG (3.2MB) KMZ