Distribution of Material

Large amounts of seeds and seedlings of useful plants from ICIMOD’s plant nursery have been distributed to farmers and farmers groups, projects – especially rehabilitation projects, government agencies, and partner organisations from ICIMOD’s member countries. They include seeds and seedlings of trees and shrubs for forestry regeneration, nitrogen-fixing hedgerows, and other vegetation management purposes; and seeds and plants of fruit and vegetable species for income generation activities. In one trial, seeds of a hybrid cereal (Triticale) obtained from Bhutan were successfully used in Mustang, Nepal, to provide a well-adapted and efficient fodder species. Livestock improvement has also been carried out by providing the services of ICIMOD’s improved breed goats, and Angora rabbits for breeding have been distributed for income generation. Kiwi fruit plants has been widely spread in Ilam in Eastern Part of Nepal mainly intercropping with tea and medicinal plants.

Material provided to farmers and others since 1993

  • 110 pairs German Angora rabbits provided to farmers in Nepal and Pakistan
  • 2,247 new improved goat offspring in surrounding villages as a result of the services provided by improved breed male goats
  • More than 250 kg of seeds and 600,000 seedlings of nitrogen-fixing plants and other useful species provided to various users including the Rehabilitation Site Kavre, PARDYP, NARC (Nepal Agricultural Research Council), Dept. of Soil Conservation and Water Management (DoSC&WM), ARLDF-Nepal, Leasehold Forestry – JICA, and visitors from ICIMOD regional member countries
  • 32,652 fruit plants; 490 kg vegetable seeds, and many other seedlings provided to farmers