Rural enterprise development

A rural enterprise can be any economic unit engaged in producing and distributing goods and services, from individual households to larger operations, and they play a vital role in poverty reduction and economic development. But there are many things that businesses need to do to flourish in today’s complex, competitive world. 
For instance, the interest in natural, handmade, fair-trade and green products opens up ways for rural enterprises to thrive – but they need access to urban and global markets. ICIMOD works to promote the products of rural enterprises, identify potential microenterprise opportunities, and build capacity in key skills such as business development, market orientation and leadership. 
Rural entrepreneurs are linked with larger players in the private sector. Pathways are found for improving the flow of goods and services between rural and urban areas. Local resources and traditional knowledge are harnessed to improve lives, livelihoods and environmental sustainability in mountain regions.
By helping rural people to combine local knowledge, resources and creativity with broader skills and wider networks, ICIMOD helps to improve employment opportunities and adaptation strategies for mountain people across the Hindu Kush Himalayas.


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