Policy analysis

What are the conditions that create a vibrant rural economy, and how can policies work to encourage this? What policies are likely to attract investment, generate employment, reduce risks and vulnerabilities and build capacities in mountain areas? 
Mountains have comparative advantages in resources such as water, energy, biological resources, ecosystem services and local knowledge. But to develop these resources in ways that benefit mountain people, it’s important to craft sound policies that encourage inclusive, appropriate development. 
ICIMOD is working to support national, regional and local policy-making in a variety of sectors. It’s devising ways to facilitate the adaptation of mountain communities to climate and socioeconomic change by promoting sustainable incomes and gainful employment, addressing the food, water and energy nexus, upscaling innovations into actionable programmes, and determining ways for policies to impact those goals. 
Careful analysis and evaluation of existing policies and relevant options helps to identify policy gaps and provides the information that help policymakers make decisions. Ultimately, it enables mountain communities to harness their comparative advantages for a sustainable future.



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