Early Flood Warning System

Floods can overwhelm a village in a matter of moments. But with an early warning system, vulnerable communities can be armed with the information and preparation it takes to keep a threat from turning into a tragedy.
A community-based flood early warning system (CB-FEWS) is an integrated system of tools and plans to detect and respond to flood emergencies. It’s managed by the communities themselves and, if properly designed and implemented, can make the difference between survival and disaster.
In India’s Dhemaji and Lakhimpur districts, a system piloted by ICIMOD in the Jiadhal and Singora sub-basins of the eastern Brahmaputra River has warned villages of pending floods nearly 50 times, giving people time to usher their families and livestock to safety and alerting the District Disaster Management Authorities to dispatch the flood rescue teams. 
For people living with the threat of floods, CB-FEWS can be a lifesaver.

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