Training course on “Satellite-based Applications in Climate Change”


Institute of Space Technology in collaboration with Islamic Network on Space Sciences and Technology (ISNET) and SUPARCO conducted four days training course on “Satellite-based Applications in Climate Change” from Dec 1st -4th, 2014. The objectives of the course were to provide hands on training in processing of satellite data using an integrated approach utilizing geo-spatial and ground based monitoring techniques to address climate change issues and to bring awareness of current environmental issues. The training was attended by twenty participants from national and international arena. Ms Finu Shrestha participated this training as a participant and Mr Samjwal Bajracharya as a resource person from ICIMOD.

The training course was led by national and international experts. The training course comprised of following content:

  • Introduction to satellite system and their application 
  • Satellite based climate change and environmental monitoring 
  • Hazard and disaster monitoring using satellite remote sensing
  • Understanding dynamics of snow and glacier 
  • GIS for water resources and
  • Hands-on exercises using geo-spatial techniques 

An hour documentary film “Himalayan Meltdown” produced by ICIMOD was presented to provide an idea on how developing countries are vulnerable to climate change and how communities in Bangladesh, Bhutan, China, India and Nepal seek to adapt to their shrinking mountain habitat which contains 40% of the earth’s fresh water and is a critical source for drinking water and irrigation. On the last day of training, participants were examined with general questions and asked for training feedback. .