(Sep-Dec 2014, Vol. 2, Issue 3)


  • Understanding Dynamics of Himalayan Glaciers: Scope and Challenges of Remote Sensing
    A remote-sensing based consistent semi-automated glacier mapping methodology with minimum manual intervention has been developed at ICIMOD. Using this methodology the glaciers of Hindu Kush Himalayan region were mapped in 2011 and continuously used for glacier mapping and monitoring in the region
  • Himalayan Glaciers (India, Bhutan, Nepal): Satellite Observations of Thinning and Retreat
    This chapter summarizes the current state of remote sensing of glaciers in the India, Nepal, and Bhutan regions of the Himalaya, and focuses on new methods for assessing glacier change. Glaciers in these Himalaya regions exhibit complex patterns of changes due to the unique and variable climatic, topographic, and 
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