International Symposium on

Transforming Mountain Forestry 

Bridging transboundary challenges with 21st century paradigms for the welfare of mountain people, forests and environment in the Hindu Kush Himalayas

Dehradun, India
18 - 22 January 2015

Speaker's Profile

Dr Tint Lwin Thaung

Dr Thaung is Executive Director of the Centre for People and Forests, aka RECOFTC (Regional Community Forestry Training Centre for Asia and the Pacific). He holds a BSc in forestry from Rangoon University, Myanmar, an MSc in Natural Resources Development and Management from the Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand, and a PhD from the University of Queensland, Australia. He began his career in forestry as a National Park officer in Myanmar in 1985. He also served as a revenue and measuring team leader at Thai-Myanmar border logging concession based in Thailand in 1989.  

As the Country Programme Coordinator  for [WHICH PROGRAMME?], he helped establish the Wildlife Conservation Society-Myanmar in 1993. After completing his PhD, Dr Thaung closely worked with local communities in Papua New Guinea to help them promote their conservation friendly cocoa product through fair trade market. He coordinated the Nature Conservancy’s (TNC) forest conservation programmes in Indonesia, China, Thailand, and Mekong countries. As an advisor to TNC’s Responsible Asia Forestry and Trade project funded by USAID, he provided technical advice to the team and helped strengthen the partners’ institutional capacity in forest management and trade. Dr Thaung is committed to ensuring that local people and disadvantaged communities in the Asia-Pacific region get a fair share of benefits from the forests. With 28 years of experience in forest and natural resources management, he has built extensive networks with national governments, academic institutions, civil society organizations, private sector, and most notably, with local communities.