ICIMOD at 4th Asia-Pacific Climate Change Adaptation Forum


Two staff members of the International Centre for Integrated Mountain development (ICIMOD) attended the 4th Asia-Pacific Climate Change Adaptation Forum in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, from 1-3 October 2014. 

The Forum discussed adaptation actors and how they collaborate to form partnerships and networks. It brought together diverse adaptation practitioners from global, regional, national, and sub-national levels. 

Considering the diverse issues within the Hindu Kush Himalayas and acknowledging the role played by different partners in implementing adaptation policies and practices, ICIMOD, APAN’s Thematic Node for Mountain on Climate Change, organized a session on ‘Adaptation in the Mountains: Addressing Challenges and Harnessing Opportunities – Exploring Solutions across Boundaries’. The session was moderated by Neera Shrestha Pradhan of ICIMOD and the panelists included Dr Dhrupad Choudhury of ICIMOD, Izhar Hunzai from Pakistan, Priyanka Dassanayake of GWP South Asia, Su Yufang of ICRAF China, and Naseer Ahmad Gillani of Pakistan Water Partnership. 

Some important mountain-related challenges identified at the session were knowledge gaps, mountain specificities, and coordination among multi-stakeholder partners in adaptation planning. However, participants agreed that diversity in the mountains brings opportunities like responsible tourism, power generation, and strong social and natural capital with traditional knowledge and market opportunities which can bring together diverse partnership for adaptation actions.  

The session recommended intra and inter-partnerships, including with the private sector in cross regional learning and knowledge sharing, scaling up integration of indigenous and scientific knowledge, promoting renewal energy, establishing mechanisms like PES and REDD+, and uniform certification scheme for agricultural and commercial products to address the challenges and harness opportunities in the mountains.

Besides the mountain session, Dr Dhrupad Choudhury and Neera Shrestha Pradhan participated as panelists in ‘Community and ecosystem-based adaption’ and ‘Reducing vulnerability to droughts and floods’ sessions. ICIMOD also participated in the marketplace.

The Adaptation Forum 2014 was hosted by the Office of the Science Advisor to the Prime Minister of Malaysia with technical support from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia’s Southeast Asia Disaster Prevention Research Initiative. The core organizers of the Forum were the Institute for Global Environment Strategies, the Regional Resource Centre for Asia and the Pacific, the Stockholm Environment Institute, and the United Nations Environment Programme