Speaker's Profile

Saskia Werners

Dr Saskia E Werners is Assistant Professor Adaptive Water Management in Wageningen University and Research Centre, Earth System Science - Climate Change Group, the Netherlands. Her main research interest is adaptation to climate change in water management. 

In her recent work, she explores adaptation turning points – i.e. when climate change renders policy untenable and alternative strategies have to be considered - as a concept for assessing and communicating the implications of climate change. Her research is rooted in the global change community branching out into institutional as well as biophysical aspect. Study areas include the Rhine River Basin in Germany / Netherlands, the Mara river basin in Kenya, the Carpathian Mountain Region in Central Europe, and the Pearl River Basin in China.

Dr Werners provides consultation to the Dutch national government and the Government of Bangladesh on long-term water safety. Her scientific expertise is complemented by practical experience, working in the national government and the private sector.