Speaker's Profile

Salmanuddin Shah

Salmanuddin Shah has a Master’s in International Relations from Karachi University and is currently working at Focus Humanitarian Assistance, Pakistan. He has vast experience working in activities related to disaster risk reduction and emergency response, and believes that sustainable development can be achieved through tripartite action and cooperation between the state, civil society and business organizations. 

His expertise includes programme development and resource mobilization, project management, monitoring and evaluation, and research. He worked at Agha Khan Education Services, Pakistan, as a teacher and coordinator. He conducted and organized many trainings and workshops reaching community teachers of the third world country and built their capacity to provide quality education, which supports critical consciousness, intellectual competency, and high moral values.

Mr Salman has taken part in numerous international conferences and workshops on disaster management and climate change and travelled to many countries, including Bangladesh, Malaysia, Nepal, Vietnam, Thailand, Tajikistan, and the United States of America.