Key Highlights

Membership database

  • Currently, there are 578 organisational members from 77 countries and 5435 individual members from 127 countries who are registered with the Mountain Forum. Out of them, there are 276 organisational members from 25 countries and 1970 individual members from 41 countries who are registered with APMN as of November 2008.
  • Membership to Mountain Forum/APMN is free and open to all interested organisations and individuals.

Online Library

  • Over 3000 Full-text documents, over 1300 bibliographic references, several periodicals, and reference material.
  • User friendly search options, document emailing system in place.

Discussion Lists

  • 8 geographic and 6 thematic discussion lists.


  • Occasional e-conferences on mountain theme.

Mountain calendar

  • Joint initiative of Mountain Forum and Mountain Partnership.
  • Up to date listing of mountain focused events at global, regional and national level.


  • APMN bulletin (biannual), Mountain Forum Bulletin (biannual) and Annual Report and discussion synthesis reports (occasional).

New initiatives

  • Dialogue with the Grassroots, a joint project by APMN and Radio Sagarmatha was nominated as finalists at the Stockholm Challenge in 2007.
  • Mission Swabhiman: APMN is member of Rural Telecentres promotion network in Nepal.


  • Web-news on various mountain themes.