Speaker's Profile

Basanta Shrestha

Basanta Shrestha, Director of Strategic Cooperation at ICIMOD, provides strategic leadership and partnership development to bring about transformative change. Mr Shrestha has a Master’s in Engineering in Computer Science from the Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok, Thailand, and a Bachelor’s in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Madras University, India.

Mr Shrestha, an experienced manager and team builder, is well-known for his outstanding strategic leadership quality and his proven track-record of networking around the world. He is a founder member of the Mountain Environment and Natural Resources Information System (MENRIS) programme at ICIMOD, widely known for its pioneering efforts in promoting the use of earth observation and geospatial technologies for sustainable mountain development. He has championed the successful partnerships with NASA and USAID to spearhead SERVIR-Himalaya programme – a flagship initiative to bridge technology and innovation to mountain development challenges. 

Mr Shrestha has been granted a Presidential award and Special Achievement Award by Environmental System Research Institute, USA.