Membership and Audience

APMN membership consists students, academics, researchers, environmentalists, activists, development professionals, mountain entrepreneurs, media and communication practitioners, and governmental, non-governmental and other civil society organisations, and simply general mountain people, shall continue to be the primary partners in generating and sharing knowledge.

The audience of APMN are the mountain people in general who needs to be informed and empowered with knowledge for sustainable mountain development, and the people who make policies and decisions and represents mountain people and communities (such as, global, regional and national governments, donors, bilateral and multilateral development agencies and civil societies like the community based organisations, activist and rights groups and local authorities) that effect one way or the other sustainable mountain development.

Membership Benefits

Registering as an individual or organisational member allows other members to learn of your interest and work in mountain development. Individual members form a crucial part of Mountain Forum's networking and information sharing value.

  • Individual/Organisational profiles are placed on the Mountain Forum website
  • Profiles are added to a searchable database for ease of use. People and organisations seeking information on who's who in mountain development use the Mountain Forum's database to network and build alliances
  • Option to join several geographical and thematic discussion lists moderated by Mountain Forum
  • Full access to the Mountain Forum Online Library
  • Preferential access to APMN and Mountain Forum publications
  • Preferential rates for e-conference services managed by Mountain Forum
  • Represent and/or choose representative on the Board of Directors of Mountain Forum (currently for members resident in Africa, Asia or Latin America only)

Joining APMN/Mountain Forum

Membership in APMN is free and open to individuals and organizations concerned with sustainable mountain development. It is, therefore, hoped that those who are reading this will join APMN, and thereby contribute to sustainable mountain development of the Asia-Pacific. In order to join the network you can simply send your request to or can register at <>

Contributing to APMN/Mountain Forum

After becoming member of APMN/Mountain Forum, members can contribute their un/published articles to Mountain Forum Online Library and also for APMN and Mountain Forum Bulletins, can start a discussion on topic of their interest, can publicize their events through Mountain Calendar and can join APMN and Mountain Forum initiatives as appropriate.